Flash Tattoos x The Miracle Foundation are back at it again! We’re super excited to officially announce the launch of Karisma (phew – that was a tough secret to keep!), the second collection of henna-inspired metallic temporary tattoos supporting The Miracle Foundation’s efforts to empower orphans in India to realize their full potential.

For those of you babes who’ve been sparkling with us since the beginning, you might already know that The Miracle Foundation and Flash go way back. We first partnered up with them in July 2014 with the debut of Sheebani, which remains one of our top-selling collections to date…all thanks to you babes with a heart of gold! Following in the footsteps of Sheebani which was named after the orphan who served as inspiration for the charity’s founding in 2000, we loved how the popular Indian girl’s name Karisma means “miracle” or “gift” – a nod to the The Miracle Foundation and the difference each and every single one of you Flashionistas who purchases a pack makes in the lives of orphan children.

So, what exactly makes the new Karisma collection obsession-worthy? There’s like 10000 reasons! The collection includes four sheets of AMAZING body jewelry tattoos designed to be worn as cuffs, bracelets, anklets, necklaces, underneath the ribs, and more…we’re talking major statement pieces paired with dainty little decals for the perfect balance. You’ll sparkle in shimmering shades of metallic gold, silver, black, white and green for some extra wow factor. 5% of all proceeds from the sales of the Sheebani and Karisma collections benefit The Miracle Foundation so you can look good while doing good! A sprinkling of the body bling featured in the pack was hand-drawn and painstakingly digitized…each sheet was made with love and lots and lots of patience. Come to speak of it, these tats were designed exclusively for The Miracle Foundation so you won’t find it anywhere else except FlashTat.com…oh, and all those awesome shops that stock it.

Shop Karisma, and show us how you’re getting golden for a good cause!  Tag @flashtattoos @themiraclefoundation #flashtat #OrangeisforOrphans on social media!

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As you babes know, we like to shine….and shine a light on some of our most favorite charitable causes. This Mother’s Day, we’re honoring motherhood in all its shapes and forms in celebration of our partnership with the Miracle Foundation – and you can, too. Some of the greatest gifts we can ever receive are the gifts of family, and that’s why the amazing team at the Miracle Foundation ensures that the orphans they support grow up with a loving, nurturing (house)mother – in a family that eats together, studies together, and plays together. There are a few ways to help the Miracle Foundation give the love and care of a housemother to orphans who don’t have one, and join them in their mission to ensure stable, happy childhoods for motherless children.

Right about now, you might be wondering…what is a housemother, anyways? A Miracle Foundation housemother acts as mom to the 20 orphaned children in her care, creating an environment in which they can truly thrive! These incredible women raise the Miracle boys & girls they support into smart, strong, compassionate, independent men & women. When our Flash founder traveled to India and met a few of the housemothers, she was blown away by the attention and love these women provided for their family units. You can watch her Indian adventure to Anbarasi with the Miracle Foundation here….and you just might start to feel all the feels. You’ve been warned.

After all that info and little video, we imagine you want to help support this amazing cause…because how could you not unless you are an unfeeling cyborg? Here’s how you can get the perfect Mother’s Day gift for mom:

1) You can honor your mom with a Mother’s Day donation in her name to fund housemothers for orphaned children! Did you know that $25 feeds a housemother for one month? That a $60 donation funds a housemother for one month, including food, salary, and room & board? That if you gave $180, you could fund a housemother for three months? Or best yet, that a $720 donation funds a housemother for an entire year!?

After making your donation, you’ll receive an email with a Mother’s Day certificate you can share with your honoree, along with a profile of one of the amazing, selfless housemothers you are helping fund.

Contents_Sheebani2) You can also gift mom with a pack of Sheebani Flash Tattoos, in which 5% of proceeds from each Sheebani collection sold are donated back to the Miracle Foundation. Think of it as a little cherry on top to make your dear mama shine bright (while doing some good) on Mother’s Day!

Now, go give your mama an extra special hug…or call her to tell her you love her. Because moms are the best, aren’t they?

Photos by Lynne Dobson

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In celebration of Earth Day tomorrow, today’s blog post is comin’ at ya from one of our fave babes, Melissa Matherne from Rainforest Partnership. She’s sharing a little bit about how Earth Day came to be, and why it’s important for us to all be responsible for preserving the environment that we all share. Prepare to be enlightened, babes….and impress people at parties with this awesome Earth Day trivia on April 22nd! Take it away, Melissa…

On April 22, 1970 millions of Americans joined their collective voices for one simple shout out, Save Our Planet. And this Friday, 45 years later, you can to can join the party as we will celebrate Earth Day, a movement for change.

But to understand what we are celebrating this Earth Day, we should take a look back at where it all began. 1970 brought the death of Jimi Hendrix, the end of the Beatles, and Simon & Garfunkel released their final album “Bridge Over Troubled Water.” War raged in Vietnam and youth across the country opposed it.

At that time, gas was only 6 cents/gallon and Americans everywhere drove massive gas-guzzling cars. ‘Environment’ became a dirty word and the smoke signals of industry meant one thing: money. And finally the Apollo 13 mission to the moon is abandoned with a few simple words, “Houston, we have a problem,” and boy did we ever.

Realizing the need for change, and the power of the student anti-war movement, Senator Gaylord Nelson from Wisconsin and a few of his friends powered a movement known today as Earth Day.

Now you too can join the movement around the world this Friday. Whether you donate or opt to get Flashy with the Illia pack which benefits Rainforest Partnership, it’s an easy way to be a BFF to the rainforest! Pssst….you can also take 20% off your purchase of the Illia pack with code RAINFORESTLOVE until April 22, 6pm CST.

Tropical rainforests are the lungs of our planet. The Amazon Basin alone stores 400 million metric tons of CO2 per year – about 25% of all carbon stored on land. It produces 20% of the world’s oxygen. It’s incredibly important to our climate – and our life. And it’s disappearing. Fast.

Nearly 4,500 acres of rainforests are lost every hour from illegal logging, mining, agriculture, forest fires,
and oil drilling At this rate we won’t have any tropical rainforests in 100 years. That’s a lot more carbon in the atmosphere – and a lot less oxygen.

Rainforest Partnership works directly with rainforest communities to sustainably develop products found only in the forest, giving the community a stake in keeping their trees intact.

And you can help! For the cost of…

• A Lava lamp in 1970 for $19.95, you could provide an identifying vest and belt for our Chipaota community forest patrol.
• With monthly rent in 1970 for $140.00, you could cover the salary for five forest inventory and monitoring patrols in our Chipaota community .
• A 1 Carat Diamond Ring in 1970 for $299, you could provide building material and supplies for two bee boxes in our Colibri Cloudforest community.

Earth Day 1970 gave a voice to those rising concerns, taking all those vibes of the anti-war protest movement and putting environmental concerns front and center. So in honor of the founding members of that 1970 ‘think tank’…we hope you will join us, and we wish you peace, love, and rainforest vibes!

Thanks so much for sharing, Melissa! PS Just because we love a good party, we wanted to share a fun little Earth Day soiree for you Austin-based ladies and gents. Kendra Scott is throwing a blingy and Flashy Earth Day shopping event benefiting the Rainforest Partnership! The event takes place at Kendra Scott’s Lamar location on Friday, April 22nd, 2016 from 6-8PM with 20% of the sales benefiting their amazing cause to save the rainforest.  Check out more details here!

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Miranda recently accompanied designer Kim Lewis and the amazing women at Touch A Life to transform what was once an abandoned house boat floating on the waters of Battambang, Cambodia, into a colorful space ready for creativity and healing. After months of planning and a furious few days of building and painting, Selah Art Center was completed! Working with their partners at Rapha House, together they joined forces in the fight to end human trafficking and exploitation though the creation of the Selah Art Center – a sanctuary and tool they will use to restore survivors of slavery.   Here, she shares a little bit about her adventure in Cambodia….take it away, Miranda!

When my friend Kim Lewis at Vagabond Designers asked me to join her on a trip to Cambodia to help her build two art centers, I responded with an enthusiastic YES! Anyone who knows me knows I’m always up for an adventure, and this sounded like a good one. It wasn’t until I had booked my flights and reserved my hotel rooms did I stop to ask, “Hey Kim… what exactly are we DOING in Cambodia?”

You Are Worth Gold! Shining a light on Selah Art Center in Cambodia (4)

Kim laughed in that high pitch squeal I love so much. Before striking out on her own, Kim used to be the lead designer on the TV show “Extreme Home Makeover,” which, In case you missed it, was a reality TV show that provided home improvements for underprivileged families as well as community schools in need of new hope. Kim is one of the most creative and talented people I know – and standing at 4-feet nothing, she is also the tiniest adult person I know! But this little lady has a HUGE heart. And her compassion for others and her talent for design is what ultimately led us to Cambodia.

The Cambodian art centers project involved several organizations coming together to achieve one goal – to provide a healing and creative space for young girls rescued from human trafficking. Kim had been commissioned by Touch A Life Foundation to design art centers around the world to bring healing to children that had been exploited. After completing the first one in Ghana several years ago, it was time for the Cambodian edition. Touch A Life teamed up with Rapha House – a safe home for rescued girls – and Art Feeds – an organization that provides therapeutic art programs for children. The plan was to build an art center at two Rapha House locations in Cambodia, where the kids could have a space for restoration through art therapy.

I really wasn’t sure what my role was in the project… until Kim said, “Miranda, you have to bring them Flash Tattoos! We need to let them know that they are worth GOLD!” That was all I needed to know. And so I flew across the globe to help share Kim’s message to the girls.

You Are Worth Gold! Shining a light on Selah Art Center in Cambodia (2)

As soon as we landed in Cambodia, we hit the ground running. The first few days were spent shopping for paint, fabrics, rugs, furniture, lighting and lumber. Then we got into the real work – transforming an abandoned houseboat floating on the waters behind the Rapha House into a space for creativity and healing. We each had a specific job to do, and mine was to build a stage and fill a few trunks with costumes, puppets and all the ingredients necessary for theatrical self-expression.

After an intense four days of painting and building, we managed to turn that boat into a giant ray of sunshine. I couldn’t imagine anyone more deserving of such a magical space than these brave girls who have endured so much. We couldn’t wait to show it to them!

I wish I could express how much the girls lit up when they saw their new art center. They squealed with excitement and couldn’t wait to try on all the costumes and create their first piece of art to hang on the wall. It was perhaps the first time in a long time that these girls had experienced the pure joy and delight of being a child. To be able to witness this moment was a true gift.

You Are Worth Gold! Shining a light on Selah Art Center in Cambodia (3)

Of course, I still had a little gift to give to the girls – the Flash Tattoos! While it always makes my heart smile to see a child putting on their first Flash Tat, this time was TRULY special. We wanted the girls to know how important they are, to believe that they are worthy, and to know that the actions of others do not dictate their value as a human being and as a woman. To remind them of this, we gave each of the girls a leather-bound journal to capture their dreams, hopes and desires. We also gave them a small, customized Flash Tattoo with the words “You are worth Gold” to apply to the outside of their journals. We can only hope that this simple reminder will help the girls regain the confidence and courage they need to leave the Rapha House and return to their villages.

We ended our visit to the Rapha House by releasing a cluster of wish lanterns into the evening sky. I’m not sure what any of these young girls wished for, but I know what I wished for – to be able to give them their childhood back.

A big hug, kiss and a thank you to the Rapha House for the amazing work they do to help rescue and restore these girls, and to Touch A Life and Art Feeds for building art centers and programs to help the kids heal. Also to Kim Lewis, for including me on this trip and for always being an inspiration. And last but most certainly not least, to all the girls – for showing me what it means to overcome adversity and continue to SHINE! They will always be in my heart.


Photos by Pam Cope, Kim Lewis, and Laura Rhoades. For more info about the finished Art Center, head over to the Touch A Life blog.

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Time to pull out your fave red lipstick, put on your Louboutins, shine in some Red Ribbon Flash Tattoos, and wear that red leather jacket that you impulse bought after a couple of glasses of champagne…or is that just us? Anyways, it’s Go Red for Women’s annual National Wear Red Day on Friday, February 5th, and we want to see all you babes rocking your most vibrant shade of red!

Diseases that effect women are very dear to our hearts since Flash Tattoos is all about fun and girl power – we’re a team of awesome #girlbosses who love what we do. Go Red for Women is a campaign run by the American Heart Association to empower women to take charge of their own heart health. On National Wear Red Day, the American Heart Association encourages everyone to wear red to bring awareness to the number of deaths caused by heart disease and stroke – which causes 1 in 3 deaths among women each year. That’s more than all cancers combined! What?! That’s an insane and scary statistic.

We can all help change this fact by educating ourselves and making lifestyle changes to prevent heart disease and stroke. To help make this change, Flash Tattoos is proudly donating 10% of the proceeds from each ready to ship “Red Ribbon” bundle purchase on our custom site to the valiant Go Red For Women campaign. Why not get Flashy while supporting a good cause?

Order your Red Ribbon today, and show us how you #GoRed on February 5th! We have a feeling that red looks great on you. 😉

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While we prepare for one of our most favorite holidays – Thanksgiving! – we wanted to share a little bit about Waves For Water, an organization very dear to our heart. We began working with Waves for Water, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing clean drinking water to people living in impoverished areas, in July of 2014 with the launch of our Goldfish Kiss H20 collection. Rebekah Steen is the creative genius behind the design of both the Goldfish Kiss and Goldfish Kiss H20, and we couldn’t think of a better organization than Waves for Water to receive the perks of this pack designed by one of our fave bloggers, surfer babe and designer. Wondering what those ‘perks’ are? Flash Tattoos proudly donates 5% of the proceeds from each Goldfish Kiss H20 collection purchase to Waves for Water.

Waves for Water is a non-profit organization that provides clean water to underprivileged communities that suffer greatly from the lack of clean water available. This organization opens our eyes and humbles us to know that clean water is a luxury to some people in our world – and Waves for Water has the solution by providing portable water filters into countries that need them. Options range from ceramic filters that can be transported by one person, to larger filters that can provide clean water to an entire village. Through each purchase of the Goldfish Kiss H20 pack, you are helping to provide funds for these filters in impoverished communities…so thank you very much for contributing to this worthy cause, Flashionistas!

Buying our Goldfish Kiss H20 pack is one step you can take towards supporting this life-changing organization, but there are many others ways that you can help!

If you love to travel, you can become a Clean Water Courier, they are the ones that deliver the life-saving filters to communities in need.

You can start a fundraiser in which 100% of donations will go directly to Waves for Water.

You can make a donation!

Or you can purchase a filter of your choice. There are 3 different kinds that range in cost.

We have so much to be thankful for, and are so excited to have a fab community of Flash babes to help us support our non-profit partners Waves For Water, The Miracle Foundation and Rainforest Partnership. Thanks for getting Flashy, giving back, and shine on, babes! XO

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Today, we’d like to clue you fab Flashionistas into the cause behind our most colorful Flash Tattoos to date – our Illia collection! Rainforest Partnership is another amazing organization that we are honored to work with. With us is Community Relations Coordinator, Nickie Harris,  who will answer all our burning questions!

Share a little bit about what Rainforest Partnership does, and how the organization was founded

The Rainforest Partnership is an international non-profit with a mission to save rainforests. We work with communities in the rainforest to help them make a sustainable income that will allow them to protect the forest. Some of the projects that we began include an eco-hostel in the Colibri Cloud Forest of Peru and an all women basket making group, the Allima Waska, in Chipaota, Peru.

We were founded in 2007 in Austin, Texas. Our founder, Niyanta Spelman and founding board members worked together to create our model and mission. Following this Niyanta travelled to Peru and Ecuador to establish first hand relationships with people there who also wanted to save the forests. Since then, we have been working with those communities, together creating sustainable sources of income. In places outside the rainforest, we work to educate people about why the rainforest is such powerful place, and what they can do to save it.

Flash Tattoos donates 5% of the proceeds from each Illia collection purchase to the Rainforest Partnership. How has the partnership with Flash Tattoos impacted Rainforest Partnership?

Working with Flash Tattoos has been a exciting experience from the beginning! A fun product like Flash Tattoos is a cool way to introduce Rainforest Partnership to a new demographic, and the tattoos are so recognizable. They have become a symbol of RP that we take with us all over the world! The colorful Ilia pack is so striking that people just can’t help but ask what it is, and we just can’t help tell them about RP, Flash Tattoos, and how together we are saving the rainforest!

What was one of the most memorable experiences you’ve had working at Rainforest Partnership?

In July we held our very first Sunday Funday Pool Party, Amazon Wave. It was the perfect, tropical pool party, full of partiers, pool floats, and popsicles. This is my most memorable experience at RP because we worked so hard on the party every step of the way, and to see it come together the way it did was unreal. What makes this party remarkable is that we had few expenses as every major aspect of Amazon Wave was donated, from the W Hotel Pool Space, FunBoy Floats, Holy Kombucha, and the Say Cheese Photobooth. All of these organizations wanted to support RP and our mission in the forest, helping us raise nearly $10,000. Every event we do is pretty spectacular (if I can brag a little) but at Amazon Wave I definitely felt the rainforest vibes bringing people together.

What makes Rainforest Partnership unique from any other rainforest restoration project?

Our approach is unique. The RP model addresses the underlying cause for deforestation: economics. Communities in the forest need to make an income, just like anywhere else. Instead of selling off their land to companies who will deplete it through palm oil production or practicing unsustainable agriculture or ranching, we offer a sustainable solution. By partnering with RP, a community can develop products or services unique to the rainforest, which they can then market locally. A model like ours allows the people of the rainforest to take a stake in the protection of the forest, and continue to thrive even after the project is completed.

What are some of Rainforest Partnership’s proudest achievements in 2015?

Rainforest Partnership has traveled all around the world this year: from New York City for Climate Week to Cannes, Frances for the Cannes Lyons International Festival of Creativity. There, our very own Melissa Matherne was a part of Microsoft and Fast Company’s Create Good Initiative. There, we made connections to global innovators and creative geniuses who are doing big things for the world today. We are so proud of this achievement because it shows Rainforest Partnership on a global stage, right up there with the best and brightest in the realm of innovation and creativity.

Another huge achievement for RP this year is the creation of our the Achuar project. The Achuar territory in Peru is a community of 12,200 people. They are custodians of the rainforest, living in harmony with nature,  but their  way of life and survival is threatened by international oil companies exploring and drilling for oil. As part of this project we have created a well that serves the main area of the community, and an even more exciting part of this project is the creation of a traditional medical clinic. Here, community members can prepare and store traditional rainforest medicines, which can then be sold at market as part of a sustainable income.

What are some initiatives you are working on for 2016?

Coming up in 2016, we will break ground on the traditional medical clinic in the Achuar community. We are also launching the Inaugural World Rainforest Day! This a day to celebrate rainforests worldwide, in all their beauty, magic, and importance for our planet. More exciting initiatives we are working on for next year are expansion of Rainforest Listening , more Conscious Cocktails , our 7th annual Films for the Forest.

How can people help Rainforest Partnership achieve these goals? (Outline different ways to donate, trips, events, etc…whatever you want to highlight!)?

Become a Rainforest Partner! This is the number one way to get involved. Being a Rainforest Partner means committing to one sustainable action plus a monthly donation. A sustainable action to we support here at RP is living palm-oil free! You can do this by checking out the ingredients label on common products like snack foods and beauty supplies.

Other ways to get involved with RP are to follow us on social media for updates on all things rainforest, come out to our spectacular events, or volunteer or intern with us!

Something special we have coming up on December 1st is Giving Tuesday. This is an international day dedicated to giving, whether it is your time, money, or support. Find out how you can support RP on Giving Tuesday by visiting our blog!

The Rainforest Partnership gives color to all lives and we are so ecstatic knowing that we are helping in making it happen :)

Stay up to date the with latest happenings from Rainforest Partnership!
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Hey flashy friends! We began working with The Miracle Foundation in July 2014, and even had the privilege to travel to India with them to meet some of the kids whose lives they are helping to transform for the better. Today, we’d like to introduce you to the amazing Ashley Haustein, Marketing & Development Manager of The Miracle Foundation, who is here to share a little bit about this life-changing organization! Take it away, Ashley…

Tell us a little bit about The Miracle Foundation’s beginnings, and what the foundation does.

The Miracle Foundation was established on Mother’s Day in 2000, when founder Caroline Boudreaux was traveling in India and found herself face-to-face with orphaned children for the first time. She was captivated by their beautiful smiles and incredible potential, but horrified by the conditions they were living in. Caroline committed herself to ensuring that orphaned children have the opportunity to grow up with the love and care they deserve.

We are an Austin-based nonprofit that empowers orphans to reach their full potential. We do this by partnering with existing orphanages with a lot of heart, but not enough resources to feed, clothe, nourish, and educate orphaned children who have no one else.

At The Miracle Foundation, we believe that helping people help themselves is the most sustainable way to affect real change. That’s why we have a global focus on strengthening existing orphanages and giving purposeful employment to local people in need of work. Together with our supporters, we transform local orphanages into homes, provide clean water and quality healthcare, and fund scholarships for education. Our goal is to have each orphan become a happy, healthy, income-producing person – and break the cycle of poverty.

Flash Tattoos proudly donates 5% of the proceeds from each Sheebani collection purchase to The Miracle Foundation. How has partnering with Flash Tattoos contributed to achieving your goals?

Flash Tattoo’s support is amazing! To date, Flash Tattoos has donated north of $45,000 to The Miracle Foundation. That will support an orphanage of 50 children for a whole year – providing everything they need to thrive. Incredible!

And Flash Tattoos does more than support us financially, they consistently promote us on social media and at their trendy events. Flash Tattoos does a beautiful job of informing their customers about their Sheebani pack and how Sheebani wearers are supporting orphans, while looking fabulous!

We love Flash Tattoos! <3

What was one of the most memorable experiences you’ve had working at The Miracle Foundation?

I always like to share anecdotes that demonstrate the impact of our work with orphans. One of my favorite stories is one I heard from a member of our India team, who visits the orphanages monthly to provide training and support. Sometimes our staff will ask children, “how has your life changed? What’s different about your life before the miracle foundation, when compared to your life now?” One child said, “since The Miracle Foundation came, i get to eat every day.”

It’s stories like these that remind me how important our work is, and how lucky I am to be a part of it.
Can you share some of the highlights that The Miracle Foundation has achieved in the past year?

We began 2015 supporting 8 orphanages – now we have grown and are supporting 16 orphanages, and over 800 children. These orphans are now all getting clean water, nutritious (delicious) food, high-quality healthcare, and a life-changing education, all in a loving home!

We are supporting 15 children in college right now, and are providing funding for an additional 20 children to receive higher education next year. We are totally committed to the children we support until they reach adulthood.

For our efforts, we have received the highest ratings possible on charity navigator.
What are the primary initiatives you are working on for 2016?

Our primary initiative is always to help more orphaned children! In 2016, we will continue to mentor and monitor the 16 orphanages we currently support and expand our methodology to new homes.

We will also continue deepening services at the orphanages. We are really ramping up our education efforts by sending kids to college, creating computer labs in the orphanages, teaching the kids robotics, and helping them learn English (which increases their life-time earning potential four-fold!). It’s all part of empowering them to reach their full potential!

We are also exploring partnerships with state governments and other non-governmental organizations in India, who are interested in implementing our methodology in their orphanages. It’s really exciting to be able to work with other organizations that are doing the same life-changing work and increase the number of orphans helped exponentially!
How can people help The Miracle Foundation achieve these goals?

There are a lot of ways to help transform the lives of orphans. Here are a couple:

Make a life-changing donation: you can make a monthly donation at give.miraclefoundation.org/yourock or a one-time donation at give.miraclefoundation.org/manythanks. Monthly donations are really important to us because they help us budget for bringing on new homes and support more children. A meaningful donation of any amount goes a long way to help.
Be a miracle maker and host an online fundraiser for us. One of the most amazing ways you can help the orphans we support is by hosting an online fundraiser for us. You can encourage people to donate to us in lieu of birthday, wedding or anniversary gifts or to support a 5k or marathon. Engaging your friends and family in this life-changing work is a game-changer for us! We can even help you set up your Miracle Foundation fundraising page that allows supporters to make tax-deductible donations to help orphaned children.
Travel with us: you can travel with us to india to visit the kids, see our work first-hand, do an improvement project in an orphanage, and come back ready to help us tell the world about the children. Sign up to stay in the loop about upcoming trips here.
Join our conversation on social media: you can help us by liking, commenting on, and sharing our social media posts. Inviting your friends to follow us is great, too!
Support us while online shopping: you can support orphans while doing online shopping at amazon smile. or givebuy. The experience is the same, with the added benefit of part of your purchase benefits the orphans in our care.

It is great to make our customers’ sparkle with our tattoos, but it is also an amazing feeling to know that we’ve given back to such a meaningful organization. Hearing about what our proceeds go to just makes the feeling even sweeter. It’s amazing to see photos and videos knowing that we have touched lives while also adding some sparkle :)

Stay up to date the with latest happenings from The Miracle Foundation!
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want more? Check out these news flashes:

This photo was snapped  in front of our therapeutic Art Center, designed by a team of creatives led by Austin-based interior designer Kim Lewis.

 It’s with great pleasure that we welcome Rachel Brown and Pam Cope to guest post on the Flash blog today, thanks to an introduction by our super creative and cool friend Kim Lewis. These two philanthropic babes recently trekked to Ghana on behalf of Touch A Life, an incredible organization that helps transform the lives of children and teenagers who have been rescued out of slavery.  They brought along some Flash Tattoos to share with the girls, and we were so happy to hear that our tattoos added a little Flash of delight and fun memories to the trip. So, without further ado, we’ll let Rachel and Pam share their stories about this amazing non-profit…take it away, ladies! xo

Half a world away from our home base of Dallas, Texas, a dozen teenage girls in Ghana, West Africa, giggled happily as they applied dazzling Flash Tattoos to their arms, necks, fingers, and faces. They squealed as they pulled back the paper, revealing glittery, jewelry-like tattoos on their gorgeous skin. They laughed as they compared one tattoo with another, oohing and aahing at each other’s choices. Hugging us, they thanked us for bringing them some sparkle all the way from the U.S. For us, this display of excitement and gratitude was a reminder that these beautiful girls are truly worth more than gold.

Getting Flashy At Touch A Life In Ghana  (1)

As staff members for Touch A Life, we are so thankful for the opportunity to travel to Ghana frequently to visit the amazing children in our care. Our organization provides long-term rehabilitative care for children and teenagers who have been rescued out of slavery. Pam and her husband, Randy, founded the organization in 2000, and I was their first hire in January 2009 after meeting Pam at my alma mater, Pepperdine University, the year prior. It has been such a joy to watch the organization evolve and grow over the years. The beautiful giggling girls, adorned with their Flash Tattoos, were rescued out of lives of domestic servitude in 2009, and watching them reclaim their youth and grow into amazing young women has been an honor. Through vocational training programs, they are finding a way to showcase their talents and share their stories. They are changing the world.

With only two other staff members in our Dallas-based office, we both wear a lot of hats. Pam serves as a visionary for the organization, sharing her story and meeting with like-minded crusaders to champion the cause. I love working with Touch A Life’s friends and supporters, reveling in the opportunity to connect them to the children they support by leading trips to Ghana and creating donor communication strategies. Most of all, we can both agree that the best part of our job is spending time with the children we support. We know that even though we have gotten to be a part of their healing in some small way, they have changed our lives more than we could ever change theirs.

Getting Flashy At Touch A Life In Ghana  (2)

We would love for you to come alongside us and join in this inspiring work. You can learn more about Touch A Life by visiting our website, and we would be honored if you would donate to support the incredible children in our care. Thank you for helping us continue to bring sparkle and light into their lives.

Words by Rachel Brown and Pam Cope. Photos by Nancy Borowick.

Giving Back
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